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123 Speak

Simple and Intuitive

The Word Prompt System guides users to speak the phrase they want in four (or fewer) mouse clicks.

Thousands of Phrases

The Word Prompts link to a diverse library of phrases makes 123 Speak flexible.


Quick Speak presents 26 common phrases in 14 categories. A narrow window floats above other applications running on your computer and is always visible and ready.

The Word Prompt System guides users to speak the phrase they want in four (or fewer) mouse clicks for PCs, taps on the screen for tablets, or blinks of the eye for eye tracking.

Cue Speak gives users a place to hold questions or statements you want to speak at another time. For example, you can prepare a list of questions for your next appointment. 

The People in Places option adds a personal touch to your statements. When you use this option, you can call a person by name along with your phrase.

This application is for your thoughts, stories and opinions you want to share. It is a great place to tell your favorite jokes or views. The options are endless. Not being able to speak doesn't mean you don't have a voice.

Adding your personal information is made easy. Open a template, add your information and save. The Word Prompt System will do the rest.

When you want to say a place, try this application: whether a place on your body, your house, neighborhbood, or cyberspace. Add one of the optional pre-phrases, and you can inform or ask for assistance.

The Number application is a talking calculator along with phrases that accompany numbers. For example "about 15 pounds", or "exactly 4 minutes".

The narration app is a great way to explain step-by-step instructions. This app is a narrow floating window you use with any Windows program or web site on your computer screen.